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I liked this song, especially the first minute or so. The melody you start off with and then the slight variation is very pleasant and enjoyable. After the first minute thought, I felt like things kind of lacked direction/structure.

The part that starts at about 1:00 works fine as a sort of "bridge", but after that I kept yearning for something resembling the opening melody to come back and it never did. Left me kind of bummed.

Overall it's still a nice, relaxing song. Definitely good for 2 1/2 hours of work. Nice job!

Ioplop responds:

Thank you very much for your reviw.
I actually found your reviw very intresting, because you pointed out at something I wouldn't even look at, and thats NICE =)
I did hear my song again to analyze it from that perspective, and I did notice the same thing. Thats somehing I'll consider next time I make a song like this one. Again, thank you for your review. It was very helpful.

Disclaimer: I know very little about Trance or any EDM type music, so I'll try to avoid critiquing any genre specific parts of this.

Overall the song is solid, however, I feel like the transitions could use work.

You have the intro, which on its own is perfectly fine, however when you go into the next part at :33, it feels fractured and very sudden. This may be because you are eliminating piano-y thing, plus the percussion, as well as the bass while simultaneously changing the synth of the melody(?). That's a lot of change for a listeners ears to take in all at once. I almost feel like you could practically switch the two parts with some minor adjustment and it would help the fluidity of the song.

Everything from :33 to 2:30 is fine, although I feel like there could be variation once the piano-y thing is introduced at about 1:30. Maybe a small change to the bass or a subtle addition to keep things interesting? But overall this part is very smooth and enjoyable.

The change at 2:30 felt SO anticlimactic. You have this break at 2:01 that then builds us up for 30 seconds and then......You go the outro.........
You could have easily made this song another 30+ seconds longer by just returning back to what you had at 1:30 and maybe even keeping some of the piano work from break going to smoothen out the transition and THEN proceed to the outro. Not only would it make the song longer, but feel a lot more satisfying to the listener.

Criticism aside, this is still a good and enjoyable song. The synth choice is good, mix is decent, and it definitely has some good ideas going.

Lethal-Input responds:

Yeah the end's anticlimaticness really bothers me now listening back to this song

This is really well done. Not really my genre, but I enjoyed it. I've never heard the original song, but if it's anything like this, I might have to check it out. The vocals are also quite good. My only complaint is that I feel like the vocals could use a bit more reverb. The dryness seems out of place at times, especially at the "ah's". But again, I've never heard the source material, so perhaps that's an element you were trying to replicate.

Been a while since I've listened to one of your songs. Glad I stumbled across this.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! It really keeps making me smile to hear from people who aren't really into the genre that they still like these mixes. The original is even better, honestly. There's two versions, Kainé Escape (the source) and Kainé Salvation which is the sad version of it. Really heartbreaking version.

I'll have to look into the reeverb! I can still go back and fix things luckily and I'll let ppl know if I updated the track accordingly. :)

Thanks for listening, the feedback & the review! <3

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